Viticulture & Sustainability

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Viticulture & Sustainability

Best Practices

Education in viticulture and sustainability is the heart of NVG's mission. This is supported by the dozens of educational programs and tools we deliver to Napa County growers each year centered on best farming practices. Through educational outreach, NVG advocates for preservation of ag land, responsible land stewardship, resource conservation, farming for future generations, and more.

Pest & Disease

The NVG provides its members with regular reports on vineyard pest and disease information, including discussions of best practices when choosing plant material and timely updates about viruses and pest management.  NVG members hold positions on the Napa Winegrape Pest and Disease Control District Board, which provides funding for pest education, research, and prevention activities in Napa County.

Climate & Environment

NVG is committed to preserving the planet for future generations! This means providing leadership in discussions pertaining to climate and environment, as well as developing programming and educational tools related to topics such as climate-smart farming techniques, protecting soil health, and more.

Vineyards & Wildlife

Responsibly-farmed vineyards can provide significant ecosystems services including providing much needed wildlife habitat for a vast array of species. NVG works with local universities and researches to develop best practices programs that promote protection of wildlife and preservation of biodiversity. 

Educational Presentations Library

NVG Members have access to a comprehensive library of past program recordings and presentations.