The Ag Preserve

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The Napa Valley Ag Preserve

"While many other regions permanently paved over their agricultural land, Napa County did something truly unique and doubled down on agriculture.  The result was nothing short of visionary." 

- Garrett Buckland, Past President, Napa Valley Grapegrowers

Owner, Premiere Viticultural Services

Quick Facts about the Napa Valley Ag Preserve

  • This landmark set of zoning laws, which encompasses Ag Preserve and Ag Watershed lands, established agriculture as the highest and best use of the land in Napa County
  • The Ag Preserve was established as AP and AW zoning in 1968 to protect agriculture for future generations; this was the first zoning ordinance of its kind in the country
  • Planted vineyard land makes up 9 percent of Napa County land totaling around 45,000 acres
  • According to the Napa County Land Trust, 140 Conservation Agreements have been donated by more than 90 property owners totaling 65,000 acres of protected land - that is 12 percent of Napa County
  • Nationally, we lose nearly 40 acres of farmland every hour due to urban sprawl; however, not one acre of Ag Preserve zoned land has been lost to urban use since its adoption
  • According to the American Farmland Trust, an acre of agricultural land on average produces 58 times fewer GHG emissions than an acre of urban use.


Preserving the Vineyards of Napa Valley

a paper by Jon Ruel, past NVG President

Description: The Ag Preserve as it pertains to local regulations and the commitment of a community

AG Preservation History

created by the Jack L. Davies Napa Valley Agricultural Land Preservation Fund 

Description: Timeline of historical events

Supporting Legislation

Ag Preserve Zoning

Disclaimer: this map was prepared by Napa County PBES for informational purposes only


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