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Viticulture & Safety 

Training courses are provided annually from trusted experts along with a best practice video series to educate Napa Valley’s highly skilled vineyard workforce. Examples of courses include:

  • Vineyard Management Software Training 
  • Wildfire Safety & Regulations
  • Vit Science
  • Identifying Pest & Disease in the Vineyard
  • Train-the-Trainers in Pesticide Safety, Tractor Safety, Forklift Safety
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Harvest Night Safety

Each year we celebrate the outstanding pruning skills of farmworkers at the Napa County Pruning Contest in February.

Leadership & Management 

We empower employees by providing skills training and intensive courses on industry issues so they can become more effective leaders and managers. Examples of courses include:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Communication Skills in a Crisis
  • Performance Management 

Each year we host a special Leadership & Management conference for farmworkers at ROOTSTOCK in November.

Adult Literacy

Supporting education and competency in core areas of English, Math, and Finance are critical tools for expanding opportunities to farmworkers. Examples of courses include:

  • 13-Week English Literacy Program
  • 2-Week English Intensive
  • Excel for Supervisors
  • Financial Literacy Program including working with Vineyard Budgets
  • Computer Technology for Online Learning

Mentorship / Scholarship

Investing in the leaders of tomorrow and providing opportunities for our youth that have a range of academic trajectories within our community. Examples of programs include:

  • The Patrick Foley Fields of Opportunity Summer Mentor Program

Family Programs

Work isn’t life, we support families of farmworkers by providing information and education to help build a stable and secure future. Examples of courses include:

  • Navigating the American School System 
  • Immigration Resources 
  • Citizenship Classes 

Each year we celebrate the family and gather family support resources at Dia de La Familia in July.