The Patrick Foley Fields of Opportunity Program

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Providing Guidance for the Next Generation 

In Their Words

"My favorite part was the mechanic shop at Walsh Vineyard Management. I really like hands-on learning." 

- Eddie 

"Everything about Hudson Ranch is pretty mesmerizing. It is beautiful and the people are very welcoming. I learned to work with elevated clientele and to see how hospitality works in Napa. I found my hospitality voice! I liked the Friday workshops because it was nice to connect with other people in the program at other companies and hear how their week went."


"I liked working outside, especially in the mornings. We did things like collect sugar samples or scouted for pests. Before this summer, I wasn't thinking about a job in this field, but now after working at Hall Wines under viticulturist Sarah Lansing, I am considering working in the wine industry."


"I liked this program because I learned more about what is going on in our community and that there are a lot of jobs in the wine industry. I definitely want to look at a career in viticulture or maybe enology."


Why be a Mentor?

Fields of Opportunity was created, in partnership with NVUSD, to connect high school students with our largest local industry to explore rewarding career options in their own backyard. Participants will have a range of academic trajectories and come from various programs including alternative programs and independent study. All will benefit from support and direction to build their skills and the chance to envision a brighter future. If you would like to impact a young life by introducing them to the wine industry and sharing your passion for the field, this program is for you.

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Ready to be a mentor? Tell us about the position you would like to offer here.

Key Details

  • Dates: June 21 – August 13, 2021 (8 weeks)
  • Student(s): One or two student interns for the entire duration (high school juniors/seniors)
  • Schedule: Set by the employer. Example: 3-4 days per week, 4-6 hours a day
  • Soft skills training for students will be provided one day a week by FWF (virtual, schedule TBD)
  • A student internship expectation agreement will be signed by both the employer and student to ensure that expectations are met and provide for terms to end the agreement if necessary


Students can learn more and apply here. Applications can be submitted from April 1-30, 2021.