COVID-19 Response

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Since 2011, the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation has served Napa County’s farmworker community, providing educational and professional development opportunities for more than 21,000 Napa Valley farmworkers and family members. Our work continues during these difficult times, as we pivot to keep vineyard and winery workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Resources

The Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation has assembled the following resources in Spanish for farmworkers.

Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation ha recopilado los siguientes recursos en español para los trabajadores agrícolas.

Recursos en español 
General Trabajo

Health & Safety Kits

The Farmworker Foundation is now offering COVID-19 Health & Safety Kits for farmworkers. Quantities are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  A $5/kit donation is suggested, a link to a donations page will be included in your confirmation email.

Reserve Your Kits

Free Child Care for Children of Farmworkers

THROUGH DECEMBER 2020 - Space is limited
The Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation program funds child care for Napa County farmworker families through the end of December. The program has been generously seeded by the Foley Family and Harmon & Joanne Brown. The program covers all fees and is open to Napa County farmworker families enrolled in the Boys and Girls Club who demonstrate financial need. Sign up HERE to begin your application.

We encourage members to insert the following flyers into weekly paycheck envelopes:  English & Spanish

Cuidado Gratis Para Los Hijos de lo Trabajadores Agricolas

HASTA DICIEMBRE  2020 - El espacio es limitado
El programa de Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation financia el cuidado de los niños de las familias de trabajadores del campo del condado de Napa hasta Diciembre. El programa se originó con la generosidad de Foley Family y Harmon & Joanne Brown. El programa cubre las cuotas de septiembre y octubre y está abierto a las familias de trabajadores del campo del condado de Napa inscritas en el Boys & Girls Club que demuestren necesidad financiera.  Regístrese AQUÍ para comenzar su aplicación.

COVID-19 Task Force

The Farmworker Foundation Board of Directors has established a dedicated COVID-19 Task Force to focus on:

  • Connecting farm-working families with the information they need to stay safe at work and at home
  • Communicating the seriousness of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of safety measures
  • Reducing the risks associated with statewide reopening and socializing during summer months
  • Providing clear, bilingual information on testing and quarantine protocols
  • Promoting safety across county lines with counties connected to Napa agriculture
  • Working with other community organizations and Spanish media outlets to bridge the information gap

Task Force Members:

  • Arnulfo Solorio, Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation & Silverado Farming Company
  • Caleb Mosley, Senior Viticulturist, Michael Wolf Vineyard Services
  • Daniela Bazán, Office Administrator, Bazán Vineyard Management
  • Hector Corona, Account Executive, Pan American Insurance
  • Hernan Hernandez, Executive Director, California Farmworker Foundation
  • Jenny Ocón, Executive Director, UpValley Family Centers
  • Joe Garcia, Board Chairman, California Farmworker Foundation & CEO, Jaguar FLC
  • Jose Elgorriaga, Director of Sales, Univision Communications
  • Luis Katsurayama, Operations Coordinator / Food Safety Manager, Jasmine Vineyards
  • Luis Ramirez, Coastal Manager, Jaguar FLC
  • Oscar Renteria, CEO, Renteria Vineyard Management
  • Rolando Sanchez, General Manager, Walsh Vineyards Management
  • Theresa Kiehn, CEO, AgSafe