In the Vineyard

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Pest & Disease

The NVG provides its members with regular reports on vineyard pest and disease information, including discussions of best practices when choosing plant material and timely updates about viruses and pest management.  NVG members hold positions on the Napa Winegrape Pest and Disease Control District Board, which provides funding for pest education, research, and prevention activities in Napa County.

Seasonal Best Practices

In our ongoing effort to promote sustainable best practices, the NVG has created seasonal best practices: guidelines for growers to follow throughout the year.

Viticultural Best Practices Video Series

The  NVG Viticultural Best Practices Video Series offers a set of instructional how-to videos highlighting good farming practices for many of the major viticultural events that happen throughout the growing season.


In order to expand community awareness of responsible management practices by grapegrowers, the NVG supports several third-party certification programs for growers interested in learning more about sustainable, organic and biodynamic certification.

Farmworker Foundation

Vineyard workers form the foundation of our industry and are on the frontline for quality and environmental best practices in our vineyards.  Sustainability starts here and growing world-class grapes depends on a world-class workforce.

Historic Vineyard Registry

The Napa Valley wine industry has a 170-year old tradition of grapegrowing and winemaking, and that story gives historic significance to our region as a whole. The Registry is a landmark project that will document Napa County’s grapegrowing history.