Weather Alert

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The Napa Valley Grapegrowers annual Weather Alert is a free service for NVG Grower and Vineyard Manager members as a benefit of membership.  The Weather Alert will help growers and vineyard managers in effectively planning for extreme weather events throughout the season including frost protection, irrigation strategies, preventing heat illness and exhaustion during summer season, management for rain days, and more.  NVG Grower and Vineyard Manager members may choose to receive a call or email whenever an extreme weather event is in the forecast from frost through harvest.  

Weather Alert Details

The Alert is now offererd Year-Round.

CLICK HERE to register for the Weather Alert*

*Please note that you are automatically auto-renewed each year if you are already registered to receive the alerts.  

Please don’t hesitate to notify Brittany Carpenter ( of any changes that may occur throughout the season to your account or to update phone numbers and/or emails receiving the alerts. 

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