Tools & Services

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Tools & Services

Napa Winegrape Market 

The Napa Winegrape Market is an indispensable tool for premium winegrape growers and wine producers seeking to establish new networks in a changing market. This interactive database has been designed to assist both winegrape buyers and sellers in transacting business without any commissions or third-party involvement.

Weather Alert

The Weather Alert helps growers & vineyard managers in effectively planning for extreme weather events throughout the season including frost protection, irrigation strategies, preventing heat illness and exhaustion during summer season, management for rain days, and more.  

Tools for Grape Sales

A library of resources available to NVG Members, including information on winegrape contracting, negotiations, leasing, how to use the Grape Crush Report, and other materials useful for selling winegrapes. 

Directory of Associates Services

NVG's full directory of Associate Member services.

Discounted Services

A list of discounted services only available to NVG Members.