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  • Grapegrowers send help to S. Califorina wildfire victims

    Posted in Growing Season, Industry News, NVG News on Dec 08, 2017

    by NVR staff

    The Napa Valley Grapegrowers sent supplies this week to agriculture and winery organizations in the areas of Southern California battling multiple wildfires.

    The aid comes even as recovery efforts continue in Northern California after the massive wildfires that struck here in early October.

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  • Grapegrowers, Napa County team up to help landowners install erosion controls

    Posted in Growing Season, Industry News, NVG News on Dec 01, 2017

    by Henry Lutz

    Fearing erosion of their land this winter, Napans took to the Napa Valley Expo on Wednesday morning for the promise of free supplies and advice courtesy of the Napa Valley Grapegrowers and a cadre of county offices for the first Erosion Control Community Fair.

    Pallets of straw wattles were stacked high and up for grabs along with stakes, mulch, seed mixes, gloves, boots, tarps and other erosion control trappings, while the county’s Ag Commissioner’s Office, Planning Department, Resource Conservation District and other authorities offered their expertise to those working to tackle the looming threat of erosion in the wake of the October wildfires.

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  • Renewing a commitment to the Ag Preserve

    Posted in Growing Season, Industry News, NVG News on Nov 16, 2017

    by Garrett Buckland, President, Napa Valley Grapegrowers

    To grow grapes in Napa Valley is to engage in a longstanding tradition. For nearly two centuries, Napa Valley farmers have worked with fertile volcanic soils and a unique climate, perfect for grapegrowing and agriculture of all kinds.

    Records show that commercial vineyards began to be planted as early as the 19th century, and right away, Napa Valley wines were renowned for their quality. Even through trying times including Prohibition, natural disasters, and the relentless march of urban sprawl, agriculture has maintained its prominent position as an integral part of life in the Napa Valley.

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  • Wine and Weather: An Unending Dance with Mother Nature

    Posted in Growing Season, NVG News on Oct 01, 2017

    by Jean Saylor Doppenberg

    There's no argument that the wine in your glass showcases the skill of the winemaker. Yet it was Mother Nature who engineered the growing season that made it all possible. Rain at the right time and in the right amount, the absence of damaging frost, the welcome colling from the marine layer after a string of hot days - these fluctuations of the weather all contrinuted to the flavors in the bottle.

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  • NVG 2017 Harvest Press Conference

    Posted in Growing Season, Industry News, NVG News, Press Conferences on Sep 26, 2017

    On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, the Napa Valley Grapegrowers (NVG) hosted the 2017 Napa Valley Harvest Press Conference, which provided a comprehensive discussion of the growing season and issues affecting Napa Valley vineyards.

    Speaker panel included:

    Meaghan Becker, General Manager at Quintessa;

    Rory Williams, Assistant Vineyard Manager & Assistant Winemaker at Frog’s Leap Winery;

    Oscar Renteria, CEO and Owner at Renteria Vineyard Management and Renteria Family Wines;

    and moderated by Jennifer Putnam, CEO and Executive Director at NVG

    Click here to view a recording of the 2017 Harvest Press Conference.