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  • NVG Media Kit

    Posted in Media Kit on Jan 01, 2016

    Please call (707) 944.8311 to request more information about the Napa Valley Grapegrowers (NVG).

  • A Grapegrower's New Year

    Posted in Growing Season on Dec 31, 2015

    By Bill Hanna

    “Hallelujah” is a word often heard in songs of the Christmas season. It also conveys our feeling at the end of a growing season when the last of the fruit has been delivered. That event, however, is not the end of the work season. Since then, you probably noticed straw being spread for erosion control and vineyards being removed for replanting.

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  • Growth Of Wine Industry Scrutinized

    Posted in Industry News on Dec 28, 2015

    By Barry Eberling

    Growth debates, Napa County-style, came to a head in 2015 and look to continue into 2016. Many communities have growth debates about open space being swallowed by sprawling subdivisions. In Napa, the focus is on the world-famous wine country that keeps sprawling subdivisions at bay.

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  • Supervisors Will Hold A Winery Growth Follow-up

    Posted in Industry News on Dec 09, 2015

    By Barry Eberling

    The Napa County Board of Supervisors will hold a session on Jan. 5 that could be called “Wine Country’s Future- the Sequel.” Certainly the initial installment on Tuesday proved to be a bureaucratic blockbuster. Dozens of people couldn’t fit into the packed chamber and 73 people addressed the Board of Supervisors during a six-hour marathon session. Television crews made a rare appearance.

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  • Supervisors Tackle Winery Regulations

    Posted in Industry News on Dec 08, 2015

    By Barry Eberling

    During a marathon five-hour-plus session before a packed chamber, Napa County Supervisors on Tuesday began grappling with need for more winery regulations. Some residents see a successful industry on the right track, while others see an industry that faces too much growth and overemphasizes hospitality events.

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