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  • COVID-19 Cases Increasing, Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation Establishes Task Force

    Posted in Industry News, Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation, NVG News, Press Releases on Jun 30, 2020

    by NVG Staff

    Since 2011, the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation has served Napa County’s Latino community, providing educational and professional development opportunities for more than 21,000 Napa Valley farm workers and family members. Our work continues during these difficult times, as we pivot to keep vineyard and winery workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Since early March, the Farmworker Foundation has developed essential COVID-19 safety protocols and resources in Spanish and English and has been successful in slowing the spread of the virus in the vineyard workplace. To date, Napa County’s COVID-19 cases have remained low compared to other parts of California.

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  • Napa Valley Growing Season Strong

    Posted in NVG News, Press Releases on Jun 15, 2020

    by NVG Staff

    The Napa Valley Grapegrowers (NVG) announced this week that winegrape season is officially underway, as growers confirm strong fruit set in all grape varieties. Known as the process in which flowers become fruit, fruit set is an important milestone in the growing cycle, allowing grape growers to survey berry size and potential crop yields for the upcoming vintage.

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  • Philanthropy-in-Place: Charity Wine Auctions Are Employing New Strategies to Support Communities

    Posted in Industry News, Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation, NVG News on May 08, 2020

    by Shawn Zylberberg

    The COVID-19 pandemic presents a Catch-22 for charity wine auctions. Their philanthropic efforts to support communities are needed more than ever, yet they cannot gather for big events. So while lockdown measures persist, auction organizers are trying new fundraising strategies. While many charities have faced event cancellations or postponements, they are using virtual auctions and fund-a-needs to continue to support their neighbors in need.

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  • This Napa Wine Organization Puts Farmworkers First

    Posted in Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation, NVG News on Feb 27, 2020

    by Jill Barth

    Roberto Juarez is the vineyard manager at Moulds Family Vineyards in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley. He is also curious and eager to expand his knowledge. To better read, write and speak English, he turned to the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation.

    “Today, my career has improved drastically,” says Juarez. “I have the ability to participate in all the meetings with the winemakers and our viticulture advisor.” Juarez is one of up to an estimated 9,000 farmworkers in Napa Valley, comprised increasingly of permanent residents, many with families. It’s estimated that women represent around 30% of the Napa Valley farmworker population.

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  • Bud break begins for vineyards in southern Napa Valley

    Posted on Feb 27, 2020

    by Sarah Klearman

    Warm daytime temperatures have spawned the beginning of bud break in Napa Valley, growers in the Los Carneros appellation say.

    Bud break is the first step in the growth cycle of grape vines, and an easily identifiable one: pruned vines boast new growth in the form of small, bright green buds.

    Warmer temperatures this week likely spurred the bud break, which has begun mostly with younger vines in a handful of Napa Valley appellations. Los Carneros, which sits at the south end of the Napa Valley, shares its border with eastern Sonoma County, where growers announced bud break earlier this week.

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