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  • Grape growers report early Napa County bud break

    Posted in Growing Season, NVG News on Feb 15, 2018

    by Henry Lutz

    The year's first signs of life have come to Napa Valley vineyards, marking an exceptionally early start to the grape growing season here.

    The Napa Valley Grapegrowers announced Thursday that bud break, the first stage of vine growth wherein vines emerge from their winter dormancy and begin to produce shoots that will one day bear grapes, has begun in areas like the southern Carneros region. Vines in the area are typically the first in Napa County to begin the growing season and are among the first to be harvested each year.

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  • 2018 Bud Break Starts Early in Napa Valley

    Posted in Press Releases on Feb 15, 2018

    Napa, CA (February 15, 2018) – After a combination of warm temperatures and relatively little winter rain, Napa Valley Grapegrowers (NVG) announces that bud break has begun in Napa Valley, marking the beginning of the winegrape growing season. “Buds on white varieties, like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, have begun swelling and bursting on a few vines,” said Brittany Pederson, viticulturist at Renteria Vineyards and a NVG member. “In the next few days, a cold front is coming in, which will slow down bud break; however, it’s already started in some locations.”

  • Napa County grape crop valued at $736 million

    Posted in Industry News, NVG News on Feb 09, 2018

    by Jennifer Huffman

    Strong demand for Napa Valley grapes—cabernet in particular- helped the value of Napa County’s grape harvest to rise 7.6 percent in 2017, from $683 million in 2016 to $736 million.

    The average price per ton for Napa County grapes rose 11 percent to $5,204 per ton, the highest in the state.

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  • Sonoma, Napa vineyards 99% undamaged by wildfires, survey finds

    Posted in Growing Season, Industry News, NVG News on Feb 08, 2018

    by Cynthia Sweeney

    A Wine Business Institute concludes virtually none of the vineyards in the North Bay were affected by the October wildfires, though tasting room traffic and sales dropped.

    Preiminary findings indicate 99.8 percent, or 138,937 of 139,204 acres were unaffected, the Sonoma State University-based institute announced.

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  • 4 women, 4 men win Napa Valley vineyard pruning competition

    Posted in Growing Season, Industry News, Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation, NVG News on Feb 05, 2018

    by Staff Reporter

    Four women and four men made the cut for this year’s best pruners of Napa Valley vineyards.

    Judged for speed and accuracy, they emerged victorious in Napa Valley Grapegrowers’ and Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation’s 17th annual Napa County Pruning Contest, held at Beringer’s Gamble Ranch Vineyard on Feb. 3.

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