Vineyard Manager Membership

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Vineyard Manager membership is for persons or entities engaged in the business of managing, developing or farming vineyards for the production of winegrapes who do not own acreage or control vineyards.

Annual Membership Rate

 Dues are assessed based on the total farmed acreage in Napa County in accordance with the scale below:

200 Acres or Less: $1,000 per year

201-400 Acres: $1,500 per year

401-600 Acres: $2,500 per year

601 Acres or More: $3,000

Vineyard Manager members will receive a discount on their membership dues based on the percentage of their clients who are also members of the Napa Valley Grapegrowers. Dues will be adjusted annually based on the client list sourced from the Napa County Pesticide Applicator Permit List and subject to a $360 minimum.

Membership Benefits

·    Discounted admission to the 85+ hours of educational seminars and events offered each year

·    Hands-on vineyard training sessions

·    Regular updates on critical pest, disease, and planting issues

·    Farmworker education through the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation

·    Valuable reports and white papers, including the annual Growing Conditions Report, Wages and Benefits Survey, Vineyard Cost Studies, and more

·    Exclusive access to services like the Weather Alert and the Napa Winegrape Market

·    Discounts from top industry suppliers

·    Networking and promotional events including Harvest STOMP, Afternoon in the Vineyards, the Annual Dinner, and Rootstock 

·    Eligibility to participate on the Board of Directors or an NVG committee

·    Subscription to our weekly Grower Bulletin

·    Representation on key industry issues such as Agricultural Preserve advocacy, labor and workforce regulations, air and water resource protection, and much more to ensure that agriculture will remain the highest and best use of Napa County land and that the investment you've made in your business is protected for generations to come.

Everyone in your organization is eligible to receive these benefits through a single membership account!

Click here to apply, or contact the NVG Member Relations Manager, Jenna Sanders, for more information: | (707) 944-8311