Meet our Grape Growers

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Building a Legacy for Tomorrow

The Napa Valley Grapegrowers is a community of ag professionals - winery and vineyard owners, grape growers, viticulturists, vineyard crew members, winemakers, vineyard managers, and so many more - with a shared passion for farming sustainably and preserving Napa Valley for future generations.  We're proud to work among these people, they are the heart of Napa Valley grape growing, and the heart of our organization.  In short, they are the reason we work toward our mission to preserve and promote Napa Valley's world-class vineyards.  Meet the community by viewing their stories below.

Brittany Pederson & Kirk Venge, 

Renteria Vineyard Management, Venge Vineyard, and Tres Perlas Wines

Brittany Pederson, Director of Viticulture at Renteria Vineyard Management, and Kirk Venge, winemaker for Venge Vineyard and Tres Perlas Wines, tell us about themselves, the wines, and what’s going on at Renteria’s Brown Ranch in Carneros!

Kendall Smith, 

White Rock Vineyards

Kendall Smith of White Rock Vineyards, with her dog, Polo, shares how her family's property bounced back from damage caused by the 2017 wildfires, tells us about their unique vineyard site up Soda Canyon Road in Napa, and how she's teaching her daughters about the family business.

Jason Lauritsen and Ed Feuchuk, 

Regusci Vineyard Management

Walk with Jason Lauritsen and Ed Feuchuk at Regusci Winery's ranch in Stags Leap. During their walk, we hear about Jason's longtime career with Regusci Winery and Regusci Vineyard Management, working for "the wildcard", and what's on his mind during the 2020 growing season.

John Truchard, 

FARM Napa Valley & John Anthony Vineyards

Watch second-generation vintner and grape grower, John Truchard of John Anthony Vineyards and FARM Napa Valley, walk the vineyard from his iconic Church Vineyard in the Carneros AVA.  Hear about the interesting history of this vineyard (including a peek inside the beautiful church!), the wines he makes from it, and his passion for grape growing in Napa Valley.

Remi Cohen & Allison Wilson, 

Cliff Lede Vineyards

Walk the Cliff Lede Vineyards "Dark Side of the Moon" block with team members Remi Cohen, COO, and Allison Wilson, Director of Vineyard Operations. We hear about tucking and tying shoots and bloom - which is a very exciting part of the growing season!

Ren & Marilyn Harris, 

Paradigm Winery

Hear from two grape growers with deep roots in Napa Valley history. Ren and Marilyn Harris invite us to their Oakville estate - Paradigm Winery - to share their story, what motivated Ren and local growers to form NVG back in 1975 (including who the original meetings were with! Hint: Fellow Napa Valley icons - Andy Beckstoffer, John Shafer, and Gene Trefethen, to name a few), the great importance of the Ag Preserve, and more.  Learn more about Ren Harris, who won NVG's coveted Grower of the Year award in 2021.

Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko & Morgaen Hoxsey-Pickett, 

Yount Mill Vineyards & Ghost Block Wine

Sisters, Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko and Morgaen Hoxsey-Pickett, of Yount Mill Vineyards and Ghost Block Wine, take us to their Ghost Block Vineyard in Yountville to hear about the land they steward, and continuing their family's legacy as 5th generation grape growers in Napa Valley.

Arnulfo Solorio, 

Silverado Farming Company

Arnulfo (Nufo) Solorio, Partner at Silverado Farming and Director for the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation, tells NVG about coming to the Napa Valley as a teenager, his experience working in Napa's iconic To Kalon Vineyard, and why, to him, education and professional training are #1 for the farmworker community.

Larry & Chris Hyde, 

Hyde Wines

Larry Hyde, NVG's 2020 Napa Valley Grower of the Year, and son, Chris, take us for a ride-along of Hyde Vineyards. We'll see "Cab Hill", Chardonnay produced from cleaned plant material, and more. Additional notes - we'll see them sip on Hyde de Villaine Wines Chardonnay (a very special wine, near and dear to Larry and Chris - not available at their Carneros estate!) and a beautiful 2016 Larry Hyde, Hyde Wines Pinot Noir.

Ben Forgeron, 

Groth Wines

Ben Forgeron, Vineyard Manager at Groth Wines, takes us on a tour of their Oakville property - we'll learn about a new replant project, soils, and more! Ben is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his work at Groth - we're excited for you to see him in action!

Andy Beckstoffer, 

Beckstoffer Vineyards

Hear from Napa Valley icon, Andy Beckstoffer of Beckstoffer Vineyards. While Andy's exceptional grapes might be recognized throughout the industry, his important work to give grape growers a voice back in 1975 might not be, watch for a rare opportunity to hear this story first-hand.

The Shifflett Family, 

Shifflett Ranch & Vineyards

Walk the vineyard at Shifflett Ranch & Vineyards! This walk is a family affair - hear from Jeffrey Shifflett Jr., 4th generation vineyard manager for Shifflett Ranch & Vineyards, his wife, Courtney, viticulturist at Duckhorn Wine, son, Camden, and sister & business partner for Hunter Glenn Estate, Caroline, on a stroll at their family ranch! We'll hear about veraison, preserving the land for son, Camden, and future Napa Valley grape growers, and taste the Hunter Glenn Estate Cabernet Franc. Put on your virtual walking boots - let's hear from this young, enthusiastic, grape growing family!

Oscar Renteria, 

Renteria Vineyard Management & Tres Perlas Wines

Oscar Renteria, CEO and Owner of Renteria Vineyard Management and Tres Perlas Wines, shares his story at his beautiful 360 Vineyard in Oakville. You’ll hear about the kick-off of the 2020 harvest and his family’s roots - it’s always a good time with Oscar, so tune in and enjoy!

Victoria Coleman, 

Lobo Wines

Walk the vineyard with the incredibly talented Victoria Coleman, winemaker for Lobo Wines. At 1,350 feet elevation, nearing the peak of Atlas Peak, Victoria walks us through the rocky terrain of vineyards producing intensely flavored fruit and, with many thanks to her handiwork, world-class wines. Hear her "ah-ha" winemaker moment, who she aspires to be, and how she's working to ensure people of color, and the Black community specifically, feels welcome within the wine industry! It's Friday, pour a big glass of Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon and watch Victoria walk the vineyard with NVG!

Ivo Jeramaz, 

Grgich Hills

Walk the vineyard with Grgich Hills winemaker, Ivo Jeramaz, a strong advocate for regenerative farming.  Ivo tells us about the farming practices he's implementing at Grgich Hills and his thoughts on the 2020 vintage. 

Giovani Verdejo & Alicia Sylvester, 

Foley Family of Wines

Foley Family winemakers, Giovani Verdejo of Foley Johnson Winery and Alicia Sylvester of Merus Winery, walk us through the Foley Johnson Winery's Peral Vineyard, a vineyard exclusively planted to Cabernet Sauvignon.  During the walk, they tell us about the 2020 harvest and how they're overcoming obstacles, to make it another exceptional vintage.

Nabor Camarena, 

Larkmead Vineyards

Walk the vineyard with Nabor Camarena, Vineyard Manager for Larkmead Vineyards. Hear his story, his grape growing philosophies, and what's new at their Calistoga estate. His sunny disposition and passion for grape growing make him unforgettable.

Dolores Torres, 


Dolores Torres is Vineyard Supervisor for Promontory Wine, and has worked for them for 16 years. She cares deeply about the vineyard and her work – and has placed top 3 at the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation's annual Napa County Pruning Contest many times! We hope you enjoy hearing from her as much as we did.

Jorge Munoz, 

Joseph Phelps

Senior Vineyard Supervisor, Jorge Muñoz, has been committed to his job at Joseph Phelps for over two decades. During his walk, hear Jorge's story, learn about his work ethic, hobbies, and more.

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