Industry Issues

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NVG's Work on Industry Issues

By identifying and providing leadership on key industry and community issues, NVG supports members in farming to the highest standards, while protecting Napa County farmland for future generations. With leadership from NVG's Industry Issues Committee, the organization actively engages throughout the year in a multitude of industry issues including but not limited to:

  • Ag preservation & supportive land use policy
  • Best practices programs
  • Pest & disease issues
  • Farm planning & costs of grapegrowing
  • Assessment district activities
  • Policies impacting farming operations
  • Policies impacting Napa’s workforce
  • Premium winegrape access & clean plant material
  • New technology & opportunities
  • Community housing solutions
  • Climate change & extreme weather
  • Sustainability goals
  • Protection of the Napa name

NVG is committed to preserving and promoting Napa Valley vineyards, which to us means protecting Napa County agriculture for future generations, farming for quality and with a deep respect for land, and actively working to maintain our County's agricultural heritage.

For more information on industry issues, contact: 

Molly Moran Williams

NVG Industry & Community Relations Director