Debris & Ash Clean-Up

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Hazardous Debris Removal Requirements for Vineyard Owners

Due to state mandates, the County requires that property owners affected by recent fires submit forms related to Hazardous Debris and Ash Removal by December 15. Property owners are subject to court action if the deadline is not met. For comprehensive information on requirements visit Napa County's website. 

For general questions about debris removal processes, please call the Napa County PBES Wildfire Assistance Hotline (707) 299-1350. For additional information visit Napa County's Fire Debris Information page and Phase I and Phase II Documents and Instructions page.

Schedule an appointment with Napa County to review your plan.

Since Napa County's website is not tailored to vineyard properties, NVG has created the following FAQ for NVG members.

FAQs for Growers

1. Who does this deadline apply to?

  • This requirement applies to both residential and non-residential properties owners with a deadline to submit forms to the County by December 15
  • Vineyard properties with no structures on the property are not required to submit these forms, even if they were damaged by fire
  • Vineyard properties with one or more sheds or structures 120 sq. ft. or greater cumulatively must submit the complete DAR application
  • Vineyard properties with sheds or other small structures with cumulative square footage of less than 120 sq. ft. must submit but can use a streamlined form

2. Which form applies to my property? 

3. What is due by December 15?

Only the forms listed above are due by the December 15 deadline.  The work is done over a longer period of time.

4. What are the costs associated with private debris and ash clean-up?

Costs are site specific and vary based on fire severity and damage. Costs to property owners may range between $25K and $75K.

5. What if I can't afford to do this work or if I am facing some other hardship? 

Contact the Napa County Planning, Building, Environmental Services (PBES) Department.

6. Where can I dispose of damaged drip lines and stakes?

At this time, drip lines must be disposed of at a landfill or transfer station.

Burned metal debris, such as metal stakes, may be recycled as scrap steel at:

  • Devlin Road Transfer Station, 889 Devlin Rd., American Canyon
  • Steel Mill Supply of Napa, 465 Napa Junction Rd., American Canyon
  • Berryessa Garbage Transfer Station, 7000 Block of Steel Canyon Rd., Napa (Saturdays only)

7. Where can I get more information?

Contact Napa County and/or watch recordings of the County's Virtual Community Meetings.