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A & J Vineyard Supply, Inc.

A&J Vineyard Supply Inc carries a wide variety of pruning, cutting and thinning tools including brands like Felco, Bahco & Lowe.  Come to our booth for a more thorough evaluation and comparison by testing them all at our cane cutting station.  Every hand is unique and one tool that works for one person may not work for another.  Come in and see if you can find your perfect match!  And you’ll discover what a difference the right tool can make in your vineyard and ultimately, your wine.
A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories
A & L Laboratories is a full-service laboratory and a California accredited environmental testing laboratory.  Come to our booth to learn about our routine tests for soil, plant tissue, fertilizer, feed and water for nutrients.
Launched in 2003, AgCode is the ultimate Vineyard Management Solution and has been built with the insight and support of some of the biggest names in the industry. Stop by our booth to see what we’ve been up to and experience it for yourself.
Agri-Analysis is a CDFA approved laboratory (Permit # 57-11) located in Davis that tests grapevine viruses, fungal pathogens, Pierce Disease, fungicide resistant powdery mildew etc.  In this booth, visitors can expect a behind-the-scene virtual tour of what happens to their vine samples upon reaching the lab, how to sample, how samples are processed, how they are analyzed, and how to interpret results.
Agrian makes it easy to record the information you need and share it with those that need it most. Its unified solution ends a fragmented workflow bringing together precision, agronomy, compliance, and the largest manufacturer back label database in the US.
Allied Propane’s indoor and outdoor booths will highlight demos, videos, equipment, and giveaway items.
201 & 116
Belkorp Ag
At Belkorp Ag, we know that only the most highly qualified staff, durable John Deere equipment and outstanding service are going to work when it comes to meeting your equipment needs – and that's exactly what we provide. Since 2011, we've been the trusted equipment dealer of customers from all over the North Coast and Central California. Whether you run a large scale farming operation, are looking for a tractor to maintain your land or simply need to rent a piece of equipment, our employees will help you get exactly what you need to do the job right.
211 & 212
California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance
The CSWA booth will feature a video presentation titled “What is Sustainable Winegrowing” along with slides about various sustainability practices. Taste a couple of wines from our ‘Certified Sustainable’ participants and Green Medal Award winners, review our educational materials and walk through a “mock assessment” with one of our representatives.
Central Valley
Central Valley is a leading, diversified, Top 100 U.S. building supply company that proudly serves the vineyard operators of Northern California. Together, with our Family of Companies, we work with 1,200+ of the region's vineyards and growers providing high quality trellising products and equipment; from wire, posts, fasteners, pruning tools, irrigation supplies, wildlife control fencing, to post drives – all at competitive wholesale prices.
Coastal Viticultural Consultants, Inc.
CVC will demo of our Grape Powdery Mildew Spore traps. See how the traps work and how this technology is helping growers sustainably reduce spray costs and improve their Grape Powdery Mildew spray program. Real Time Leaf temperature data collected from our patented system will also be presented. Learn how to this system accurately monitors your vineyards for water stress in real time. See state-of-the-art soil resistivity maps that Grape Powdery Mildew CVC uses to accurately map and quantify soil variability in vineyards.
Corteva Agriscience
Corteva Agriscience is the new name for the company created by the merger of Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Crop Protection.  In the booth, Corteva representatives will provide information about the crop protection products offered for the grape industry.  Attendees can also learn about new and soon-to-be-registered products, including insecticides and nematicides.
Duarte Nursery
Duarte Nursery is a family-owned and operated nursery and is the largest permanent crops nursery in the United States.  We have our own vineyards and orchards, which include many experiments that focus on grower’s concerns. They include technologies for rapid vine establishment and fruit production, and the evaluation of scion clones and rootstocks for broad ranges of growing conditions.
Come to our booth to see 3 different vine formats (standard, magnum, and uber), learn about clean plant material, and view informational videos.
ETS Laboratories
Come see our ETS Laboratories team and discuss what we’ve seen so far this Harvest. Enjoy looking through some of our most recent presentations from this year and discuss them with our research scientists. Come with all of your questions, pick up sampling supplies and see one of our instruments in action.
Fruition Sciences
Fruition will be displaying our innovative web platform, on which you can sync your current providers of: weather data, NDVI, fruit maturity, water status, and more! On display will be a television with a looping demo of the web platform. We will have information on other products and services that we provide, but our main focus will be on the web platform.
Garton Tractor, Inc. 
Garton Tractor will have a range of vineyard equipment on display, including our New Holland Grape Harvester, Portable Wind Machine, New Holland Tractors, Kubota Tractors.
202 & 203
Green Valley Tractor
The equipment displayed in Green Valley Tractor's booth is designed to be used for farming narrow vineyards and will include: Kubota narrow wheel tractors and power crawler tractors, VMA low volume sprayers, Agrofer in-row cultivators, Fischer in-row mowers, Rinieri mower, and BFM vine trimmer.
208 & 209
Guillaume Grapevine Nursery
Guillaume Grapevine Nursery offers CDFA Compliant, Licensed ENTAV-INRA & FPS 2010P material, for all of our Scion & Rootstock collection. Our number one goal is to introduce the cleanest and healthiest vines into our client's vineyards and the Industry. Careful selection of our material annually for stringent virus testing, rigorous traceability measures and strict sanitary implementations put us in front of potential situations that can arise throughout the vine production process. All of these protocols puts our clients in the best possible position to sustain a healthy, premium crop for 30 to 40 years, along with their expertise in viticulture practices, vineyard management and the winemaking process. Please stop by and visit our booth, to take a look at our current availability for 2019 & 2020 and to ask us any questions or to address any concerns you might have.
Herrick Grapevines, LLC
Herrick Grapevines will feature a clonal wine tasting, information on 2019 grapevine availability, and planting consultations for future projects.
Infaco USA, Inc.
Infaco's F3015 Electrocoup shear gives you 2 tons of torque with the touch of a finger and features a patented safety system to protect your non-pruning hand. The shear works with interchangeable heads and poles to make this an incredibly versatile tool from cane pruning to Eutypa surgery. Get a hands-on demo with the most advanced electric pruning shear in the world and see for yourself how you could increase productivity by 25% overnight.
JSC Agricultural Supply
JSC Agricultural Supply will have physical samples of their newest trellis solutions on hand and the team will share the features and benefits of each. All of the options have been designed with longevity and efficiency in mind. Stop by JSC’s booth for a chance to learn about these new innovations and receive a free gift while supplies last!
Knights Grapevine Nursery
Knights Grapevine Nursery is a nursery provider who is committed to produce the strongest, cleanest grapevines for growers.
Koppert Biological Systems
We are “Partners with Nature” because we strive to create a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come. Partner with us as we “Partner with Nature” to learn how we can help your vineyards produce greater yields, reduce pesticide residue and resistance, reduce damage to harvested grapes and let the Natural Enemies take care of your pests and diseases.
Looking for quick and easy ways to improve quality in your wines? Come visit us at the LAFFORT® booth to taste wines treated with oak derived finishing tannins in the QUERTANIN® Range and mouthfeel building manno-protein products. Learn about the flavor profiles of the QUERTANIN® Range and the benefits of masking green characters and adding perception of sweetness in red and white wines. Our goal is to introduce you to the tools that are available and provide samples to work on your wines.
Martinez Orchards
Plant size and quality truly set Martinez Orchards apart. Tucked along Putah Creek in Winters, California, Martinez Orchards is graced with fertile sandy loam soils.  We produce field grown dormant grafted vines and field grown dormant rootings that are the envy of the industry. Our grading standards are the most stringent in the trade and are supported by strict quality controls including meticulous care of increase blocks, proper field rotation, adequate spacing between plants and above all, never rushing Mother Nature. Visit our booth to learn more about plant material.
Napa Valley Petroleum
Come to the Napa Valley Petroleum booth to learn more about our company, pick up merchandise or to just say hi.  To show our appreciation, you will get a chance to win either a weed burner or a BBQ propane cylinder.  There are three chances to win with drawings at 12pm, 2pm, and 5pm.
Novavine Grapevine Nursery
Having a tough time deciding which Chardonnay clone to plant? Help is on the way! Novavine Grapevine Nursery will be pouring five different micro-vinifications of Chardonnay, including three exclusive clones from Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo in Friuli, Italy.  Come by the booth and sign up for a tasting — only seven people can be accommodated at a time so stop by to get on the list!
Pellenc America, Inc.
Welcome to ROOTSTOCK! Please stop by the Pellenc America booth to grasp our industry leading technology for farming, harvesting and processing wine grapes. We will have our battery-operated hand tools, multifunction farming tools, harvesting equipment, mechanical & optical sorting equipment. Discover our Pera/Pellenc Presses, Thermovinification systems and our Flash Détente.
RDO Equipment Company
RDO Equipment Co. is proud to offer a full line of equipment from pruning to harvesting, from soil to canopy, from Washington to California. We offer solutions for challenging terrain with the Ero 6175VX grape harvester and for narrow row spacing with the Gregoire G5. Come see these harvesters at the booth.
Redback Australian Boots USA
Redback boot are top-quality, Australian-made boots that last.  Visit our booth to try on a pair.  We will also have raffle prizes announced throughout the day.  Prizes include: hats, socks, T-Shirts, and the grand prize winner will receive a pair of Redback boots.
Sunridge Nurseries, Inc.
For over 40 years, personalized dedication to our growers and constant improvement has led to our exceptional product. Sunridge has invested in nearly 1,000 acres of isolated virgin property in Santa Barbara County, in the high desert of Cuyama Valley. This mother block is used exclusively for farming our Protocol 2010 certified material, many miles from virus & pest pressures that face other nurseries.
Suterra, LLC
Suterra is the world leader in environmentally sustainable pest control solutions. Our products form an essential component of an integrated pest management program that generates long-term grower return. We do this by drawing on our expertise as a grower-owned company to continuously innovate and develop products derived from naturally occurring compounds – all created and manufactured at our Bend, Oregon headquarters. Come to our booth where we will be presenting mating disruption solutions for control of VMB in grapes.
Tule Technologies
Tule ET sensors measure Actual Evapotranspiration (ET) and crop water stress in your vineyard to power simple, actionable, and more accurate irrigation decisions.  Stop by the booth to learn more about how Actual ET, water stress, and applied irrigation varied by Napa Valley AVA in the 2018 growing season.
Turrentine Brokerage
At the Turrentine Booth at ROOTSTOCK, we will be discussing current grape and bulk wine market activity, up to date harvest information, current market challenges and opportunities along with predictions for the upcoming 2019 California Bulk wine and Grape markets.
VineView Imaging, LLC
Come by our booth to experience our live images and new app. Learn how our science and technology can have positive impacts on your farming. Products include Vigor Mapping, Disease Mapping, Canopy Water Content, and our new Vine Metrics and Zone Maps.
Vinescape will display its planting machine and discuss its operation, our experience, and the labor and cost savings we’ve realized with its use. We plan to have signage, the machine, and brochures explaining the service we are offering. We will also have five employees talking and discussing mechanical planting with attendees.
Vineyard Industry Products
Stop by VIP’s booth and see what everyone is talking about. The New Harvest Light by Lazer Star Light, is changing the way you look at Night Harvesting. It also makes a great event light. Rumor has it, Jose has some of the latest & greatest VIP hats in stock. Can you talk him out of one?
Visit our booth and see the WaterBit precision irrigation solution in action, which provides true remote irrigation control and automation being used in vineyards today. We will feature a live, closed loop demonstration that shows how WaterBit monitors and captures soil moisture conditions from the field and transmits that data to the cloud where it is easily accessed anytime by PC or mobile device. The data triggers automated irrigation events including valves being turned on or off, along with the ability to detect leaks, monitor soil conditions and evaluate and adjust irrigation schedules.
Westbridge Agricultural Products
Feeling lucky? Stop by our Westbridge booth to spin the wheel for a chance to win great prizes! We will have information available on our line of certified organic and effective plant nutrients and crop protection products.
Western Square Industries
For more than 25 years, Western Square has been the trusted manufacturer of steel infrastructure for the wine industry. This year, in addition to our standard lineup of barrel racks and vineyard trailers, our booth with showcase a very exciting new product – the Seismic Safety Tray. Our booth with have a sample of this new seismic mitigating technology that will help keep your cellars as safe as possible when the next earthquake strikes. Stop by our booth to watch video footage of it in action on the Berkeley shake table, get detailed information based off a 3rd party engineering report and talk about the product’s technological philosophy and its practical implications in your cellar or warehouse with our sales team
Wilbur- Ellis Company is the Napa Valley’s leading company in Ag Retail. Between their on staff PCA’s and Certified Crop Advisors they bring over 100 years of experience in the premium wine grape market. Check out their booth to see their new Veris machine which maps soils via EC readings as well as their automated core soil sampler.
Wines & Vines
Wines Vines Analytics - With more than 60 years’ experience gathering data on the wine industry, Wines Vines Analytics will offer new and proven publications and subscriptions focused on data to grow and understand your business and our industry better. See live demos at ROOTSTOCK of winery and grower databases, distributor and sales channel data, pricing data and our new Analytics publications.

Wonderful Nurseries
It's always growing season at Wonderful Nurseries where we continue to expand our production, improve our service and maintain our reputation for industry leading innovations.  Wonderful Nurseries offers the highest quality and best selection of certified grapevines.  As North America's largest grapevine nursery, we set the standard for service, with free hot water dipping for pest control, free trimming, graft waxing and palatalization, too. Our great selection and extensive inventory can meet even the largest orders so add it all up and you'll see why Wonderful Nurseries is proud to be number one.
Yamaha Motor Corporation USA
Yamaha will be showcasing two of our helicopters; the RMAX and the FAZER.  Our booth will also have an iPad featuring videos of the helicopters in action.