What Your Support Means

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Strengthening Community, Sustaining Agriculture, Supporting Farmworkers

Every year, 54,000 acres of prime farmland are lost in California and 2 acres per minute are lost throughout the U.S. to development and urbanization.  However, Napa Valley has bucked this trend, thanks to your support! 

Contributions at Harvest STOMP® directly support our work to:

  • Protect farmland and the Napa Valley Agricultural Preserve
  • Provide educational programs so Napa remains a leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship
  • Host professional development and educational opportunities to over 2,700 farmworkers and their families annually
  • Support research that demonstrates how to achieve the highest level of quality in viticulture
  • Extensive community outreach sharing best practices and the benefits of responsible farming
  • Thank you for helping us protect Napa Valley’s grape growing future and the quality of life for everyone in the Napa Valley community