Grape Auction

© Stephen Rothfeld
Napa Valley Grapegrowers will offer a chance to purchase 1 ton of coveted Napa Valley fruit, giving Harvest STOMP® guests a unique opportunity to make wine from grapes - famous grapes - not obtainable any other way.  Each lot is a full ton (roughly 60 cases), picked and ready for pickup at the vineyard location on the same day the rest of the block is harvested. These offerings are intended for serious buyers and industry professionals only.

The only question that remains is – who will win each lot, and how will the resulting wine show next to the other famous wines made from these vines?

Please note:  Successful buyers are completely responsible for picking up the grapes and for making the necessary arrangements for all aspects of vinification. Neither the individual growers nor the NVG are responsible after the grapes are picked and the weight adjusted. You are on your own... will you be serving your wine proudly at Harvest STOMP® 2021 or using it to dress a salad?  Here’s your chance to prove your chops.

Not able to attend?  Proxy bidding is available for those who would like to win one of these lots.  Click here for more information.

Grape Auction Lots coming soon!


RECOMMENDATION:  DO NOT BID on these lots unless you have the capacity to receive and process the fruit and understand the terms and conditions.