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Yountville Community Center - 6516 Washington Street, Yountville


10:00am - 3:30pm ROOTSTOCK Seminars
3:30am - 5:00pm ROOTSTOCK Happy Hour


This year's ROOTSTOCK will return in person at the Yountville Community Center. The day will conclude with a Happy Hour to celebrate the end of a successful harvest season!


9:30am - 10:00am
COVID-19 Check-In and Registration

Welcome and Introduction
Caleb Mosley, NVG Director and Member Services Committee Chair

Napa County Pesticide Review (CE Credit - 0.5 hour of Laws)
John Cooledge, Napa County Department of Agriculture

The Napa County Ag Commissioner’s Office will review recent updates on requirements for pesticide handlers, including:
  • A review of decontamination requirements for pesticide handlers and upcoming requirements for eyewash station available at each mix/load site.  
  • Pesticide applicator training and supervision.  
  • Grower implementation of an internal disciplinary action program for employee pesticide handlers.

Napa County GWSS Program Review (CE Credit - 0.5 hour of Other)
Greg Music, Napa County Department of Agriculture

With the recent Glassy-winged sharpshooter situation in Solano County, it is more important than ever for Napa Valley to stay vigilant. Hear highlights from the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office on their current GWSS programs including:
  • The use of GIS technology for GWSS trap placement relative to the location of high-risk plant shipments received in real-time.  
  • Plant shipment inspection strategies to detect GWSS life stages.  
  • Review of GWSS life stages and risk of introduction to winegrape industry.

Phomopsis in the Vineyard Update (CE Credit - 1 hour of Other)            
Kendra Baumgartner, USDA-ARS Research Plant Pathologist
Monica Cooper, Farm Advisor- Viticulture, UC Cooperative Extension

Hear the results of recent research by Dr. Kendra Baumgartner on Phomopsis cane & leaf spot, including laboratory diagnostics, what we know about the infection cycle and management options for growers. Additionally, Dr. Monica Cooper will give a brief overview of field diagnostics and patterns of disease incidences in Napa.


2021 Analysis – New Wildfire Research & Tannin Management During a Drought
Dr. Eric Hervé, Research Scientist, ETS Laboratories
Dr. Rich DeScenzo, Research Scientist, ETS Laboratories
Dr. Steve Price, Phenolic Consultant, ETS Laboratories

Three experts from ETS Labs will discuss their recent research and innovative analytical tools that offer valuable insights into the industry.
  • Dr. Herve will present new research and work he's done over the past year on the impacts of the wildfires, including wildfire smoke benchmarking.
  • Dr. Price will discuss tannins management in the vineyard during a drought year, how vintage differences affect tannins and tools used for influencing grape tannins.  
  • Dr. DeScenzo will review the initial juice data for the 2021 vintage, the importance of benchmarking and data accumulation, and the Vintage Portal, an essential tool for real time monitoring of vintage trends. 

All Things Water – The Key to Resilient Farming
Garrett Buckland, Premiere Viticultural Services
Sarah Ferguson, Silverado Farming Company
Justin Leigon, Pina Vineyard Management

Leaders in sustainable grape growing will discuss best practices on vineyard irrigation with a focus on water conservation and how to farm resiliently in changing climates. Hear directly from a panel of growers on their experiences and lessons they learned in the 2021 drought and what all growers should be considering for the future.


Please note, we will not be hosting a tradeshow this year due to the ever-changing restrictions regarding COVID-19. Masks will be required when indoors. More COVID-19 guidelines will be announced closer to the event date. 



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