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2021 Workplace Wellness Workshop for Supervisors and Managers (Spanish)




2:30pm - 3:30pm


Supervisors and managers will to learn to identify stress related issues with their crews, provide strategies for having difficult conversations, and understand what resources are available for support. Los supervisores y gerentes aprenderán a identificar los problemas de salud mental con sus cuadrillas, proporcionarán estrategias para tener conversaciones difíciles y entenderán qué recursos están disponibles para el apoyo.

This one hour workshop is intended for supervisors and managers to learn how to identify mental health issues in their crew, learn strategies to have difficult conversations and understand support resources. Taught by Dr. Erika Powell with The Personnel Perspective. 

Date: Tuesday, January 26

Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm

If you experience any issues with registration or do not receive the Zoom information by Monday, January 25, please reach out info@farmworkerfoundation.org for assistance.

Erika Powell, Ed.D, Senior Leadership and Diversity Trainer

The Personnel Perspective

Dr. Powell's work focuses on creating a workplace where people from diverse backgrounds & walks of life can come together in ways that foster authentic & meaningful connection, that also honors the power of their lived experiences in this country and abroad, and that lives up to promise of inclusion, equity, and belonging for all.

Her background in Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Communication, and Instructional Technology & Design have all prepared her to do this in unique and trailblazing ways both in person and virtually.

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