A Commitment to Climate Resilience

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NVG's Commitment to Promoting Climate Resilience

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As an organization, we are deeply passionate about education in sustainability and agricultural preservation. To this end, we deliver dozens of educational programs to Napa County growers each year centered on farming with the highest respect for people and the planet.

Building on this legacy of stewardship, we recognize an ever-growing need for leadership in ensuring Napa County’s resilience in the face of climate challenges and for setting a worldwide example in developing climate solutions. We view our involvement in this as embedded in NVG’s mission and continue to expand programming and educational tools on climate-smart farming techniques aimed at sequestering carbon and promoting regenerative practices. NVG is excited by the fact that best farming practices have the potential to result in significant ecosystem services to the great benefit to our local climate and environment.

Opportunities for Napa Valley Grapegrowers to Mitigate Climate Change

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Growers cover a lot of ground!

  • 11% of the planet is covered in farmland
  • There are 18 M acres of vineyard worldwide
  • Vineyards not only can be carbon neutral, but can be climate positive over the medium and long term

This means there is vast opportunity for grapegrowers to help mitigate climate change by maximizing the inherent climate benefits of farmland through implementation of responsible farming practices!

The Ecosystem Services of Ag Land

Ecosystem services are the direct and indirect contributions of ecosystems to people and planet and have a major role to play in mitigating climate change and ensuring climate resilience.

Inherent climate benefits of vineyards and healthy soils:

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How growers can maximize and increase climate benefits of vineyards through best practices:

  • Building healthy soils and organic soil matter
  • Permanent cover-cropping strategies
  • Judicious use of compost
  • Planting of native hedgerows and encouraging biodiversity
  • Reducing vineyard waste and environmental practices for handling waste
  • Reduction of water use
  • Habitat restoration
  • Monitoring soil carbon
  • Monitoring and evaluating fuel use
  • Workforce transportation solutions

Photos by Sarah Anne Risk

Examples of NVG's Work on Climate Change to Date

Read about NVG's work on climate resilience in Eric Asimov's 4-part series on climate and wine in the New York Times

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NVG supports regional climate efforts promoting collaboration between all Napa County jurisdictions - read Napa County's Climate Proclamation

Read about NVG's participation in the Porto Climate Change Leadership Conference - Napa Valley Grapegrowers Coordinates with Global Wine Industry on Climate Change

Visit NVG's Viticulture & Sustainability webpages for a library of best practices tools and resources

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