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Napa County Testing

Napa County has compiled a list of all COVID-19 testing locations that are currently being offered.

St. Helena Hospital Foundation Mobile Unit

In 2020, NVG and the Farmworker Foundation jointly funded supplying and staffing the St. Helena Hospital Foundation (SHHF) Mobile Health Unit, which throughout the year traveled to vineyard sites and provided vineyard workers with easy access to COVID-19 testing.

Thank you to our partners at St. Helena Hospital Foundation for working with us to keep the farmworking community safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic!

HeavyConnect Mobile App

NVG Associate Member, HeavyConnect, is offering NVG members a free mobile app for tracking employee health screenings in your vineyard, winery, or tasting room. Sign up for NVG's free COVID-19 screening program by contacting Francesca Galarus at francesca@heavyconnect.com or 831-214-8021.