Napa County Guidance

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The recent Stay at Home Order has been lifted for certain permitted activities as of January 25. Napa County is currently assigned to the purple tier under California's Blue Print for a Safer Economy. More information can be found on the State of California's COVID-19 website. Vaccine distribution is underway.  

County of Napa Industry & Workplace Guidance

Napa County Resources:

Public Health has a detailed investigation process that is detailed in the documents below:

What happens if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?

  • In addition to the investigation process, Public Health offers bilingual support services to the individuals, households or families that test positive, which may include some case management services, food drop-off, medication pick-up, and other need-based services during the isolation and/or quarantine period. All assistance is free of charge. Financial support services may also be available.
  • Public Health understands that testing positive can feel overwhelming, but it should not be stigmatized. It can happen to anyone, however, following preventative measures can dramatically reduce the potential for infection.
  • If you are an employer who has an employee that tests positive and are concerned about exposure, don't hesitate to contact Public Health. Every case is unique, and Public Health can provide guidance and information to prevent the spread of disease.

Additional Agricultural Resources: