NVG Committees

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Executive Committee

President, Paul Goldberg

Provide oversight of staff and board of directors activities; assume accountability for strategic decisions on behalf of the board and the organization; and strengthen relationships with organizations that further the interests of the NVG.

Member Services Committee

Co-Chairs, Dr. Kristin Lowe and Caleb Mosley

Provide NVG members, and all winegrape growers in Napa Valley who are prospective members, with valuable and pertinent information, services and programs that they can use to: (a) produce better quality grapes; (b) address critical farming/viticultural issues in the vineyards; (c) farm more sustainably; and (d) improve the profitability and efficiency of their operations. 

Finance Committee

Chair, Robin Wenzel

Provide oversight of the financial sustainability of the organization.

Marketing & Communications Committee

Chair, Allison Cellini

Promote the Napa Valley as a world-class viticultural region and the NVG as an industry leader for members, the community, the industry, and the media.

Industry Issues Committee

Chair, Erin Russell

Identify and provide leadership on key industry and community issues.

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