2018 Strategic Sponsors

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A special thanks to participating NVG Associate Members for their continued support of our efforts to preserve and promote Napa Valley’s world-class vineyards.  The Napa Valley Grapegrowers encourages you to support those businesses that support the mission of the organization.







  • John Wilkinson, Bin to Bottle: "Participating in the Napa Valley Grapegrowers annual Strategic Sponsorship Program is an opportunity not to be missed.  The marketing and promotional value gained through aligning my business with the NVG is worth every penny, and creates a win-win for all businesses with products, equipment and services for growers, vineyard owners and vineyard managers in the Napa Valley. Sign me up!”
  • Kim Carrier, Recology: "Recology has been a supportive member of Napa Valley Grapegrowers for over 12 years. Last year we participated in the Strategic Sponsorship Program, which gave us an opportunity to be a Sustainability Sponsor.  This sponsorship category allowed Recology to share our sustainable practices with vineyard owners and vineyard managers through marketing and promotional events. We will certainly do this for the 2017 year!” 
  • Dr. Alan Wei, Agri-Analysis: “Clean plant materials are of paramount importance to the California wine industry, especially to Napa Valley’s world-class vineyards. Napa growers have been leading the efforts to enact critical changes to the CDFA grapevine certification program, and I was pleased to be able to communicate the importance of virus testing at ROOTSTOCK 2016. I believe that the Napa Valley Grapegrowers educational programs play a pivotal role in promoting viticultural best practices for the industry-at-large, and very much look forward to our sponsorship and collaboration with NVG in 2017 and beyond.”

Interested in becoming a Napa Valley Grapegrowers Strategic Sponsor? Contact the NVG office at info@napagrowers.org or (707) 944-8311 for details and information. 

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